Texas Municipal Library Director’s Association
Meeting Minutes
Business Meeting at Texas Library Association Conference
April 20, 2017
Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, Room 215, San Antonio

Attendees:  Shelley Holley, Kate Horan, Toni Simmons, Jana Prock, Samantha Denbow, Mary Perroni, Lisa Youngblood, Janis Roberson, Letty Leija, Lynette Roberson, Libby Holtman, Lori Grumet, Sherry Knight, Maria Redburn, Chris Accardo, Olivia Griggs, Vicki Chiavetta.

I.  Call to Order:

Shelley called the meeting to order at 3:45 PM, followed by introduction of attendees.

II.  Minutes:

The minutes of the July meeting were reviewed. Mary Perroni made a motion to accept the minutes as presented; Lisa Youngblood seconded. Minutes were approved unanimously.

III.  Consent Agenda:

  1. Mary Perroni presented the Financial Report. The question of why amounts fluctuated was raised. Mary said she will ask Lauren for a list of payments made and a guide of expected TML quarterly expenses.
  2. Jana Prock presented the TML Report. She spoke with TML with regard to SB 902. As per TML, there will be no stated objection on behalf of TML. However, her opinion was that most of the House proposals are not gaining approval. This will be Jana’s last term as TML Representative. Jana made a motion to accept the TML Report; Lori seconded. The RML Report was approved unanimously.

IV.  Unfinished Business:

  1. TML Booth – We have requested a corner booth with tall boys and power. Reservation will be confirmed in May. There was discussion of what would be an effective booth feature. Some suggestions were robotics and 3D printing demonstrations. Libby volunteered to coordinate a video showing TMLDA libraries engaging patrons in a variety of innovative and traditional programs which highlight their respective communities. Members will send photo or video-embedded slides to Libby with #MoreThanBooks. There was a suggestion to add selfies to the presentation slides.
  2. TML October Program — The theme will be “Challenges & Change.” Olivia will reach out to Houston for the use of the Tech Lab/Bookmobile, which may be allowed inside the concourse. Shelley will reach out to vendors for giveaways like a virtual reality machine. Susan Benton (Urban Library Council), Robert Hanna (City Manager), Mayor Jim Darling, and IT Director Gary Bates were some of the names suggested for a TMLDA-sponsored panel to discuss topics such as how libraries can be resources to solve city problems; social and educational issues; and small business/workforce development. Shelley will send out a list of panelist names to the membership.
  3. Discussion of Updates on TMLDA Excellence Award

V.  New Business:

  1. The October 2017 Business Meeting date is to be determined.
  2. TLA Dallas 2018 – The dates are April 10-13, 2018. The theme is “Perfecting Your Game.” Some ideas were a game show format featuring categories like working with your local government; how to talk to your stakeholders; how to apply for the TMLDA Library of Excellence Award. Members agreed on the latter idea, provided we work on automating the application system to accept digital submissions and offering a plaque or badge on the winning libraries’ websites. Kate will attend the April 21, 2017, 7:00 AM Prepare and Share meeting in Room 304A, Ballroom Level. The deadline to submit a preliminary conference plan is in June and will be approved one month after Annual Assembly in July.
  3. Member Communication Development of TMLDA Listserv – Members revisited having a listserv. Shelley will contact TML to find out if we can manage it through TML. Chris offered to be the listserv Chair and suggested we manage through CTLS. Carey agreed to find the letter for member recruitment to send through TML.

VI.  Adjourn
There was no further business and no other items suggested for future agendas. The meeting was adjourned at 5:05 PM.

Respectfully submitted by Kate P. Horan


Texas Municipal Library Director’s Association
Meeting Minutes
Directors Association Meeting
October 5, 2017, 2:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston

Attendees:  Shelley Holley; Jana prock; Gretchen Pruett; Lisa Youngblood; Kate Horan; Mary Perroni

I.  Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 2:07 PM with a welcome and introduction of members.

II.  Minutes

Mary Perroni made a motion to accept the Minutes for the TMLDA July 7, 2017 meeting as presented; Gretchen Pruett seconded. The Minutes were unanimously approved.

III.  Consent

  1. Mary Perroni gave the Financial Report. Expenditures included Public Relations (plaques for $2,430.72) and Workshop Expenses for TMLDA Meetings & Seminars for $1,206.94. The Ending Net Assets were $8,084.96. Gretchen made a motion to accept the Financial Report; Jana Prock seconded. The Financial Report was unanimously approved.
  2. Jana Prock gave the TML Report. 2017 will be Jana’s final year on the TML Executive Board, which has a three-term limit and requires attendance at three meetings per year. She will have to introduce the new representative in October. Summary: S.B 2 died. H.B. 669 ??. Those that passed were Type B EDC sales tax; sex offenders; candidates forum; vexacious requestors. Kate Horan made a motion to accept the TML Report; Gretchen Pruett seconded. The TML Report was unanimously approved.

IV.  Unfinished Business

  1. TMLDA TLA Program: Kate Horan reported that she should have all speaker contracts sent by the week following the meeting. The speakers are Sara Montoya (from McAllen) on creating a best quality application, Shelley Holley on Award requirements and the new branding badge, and Lisa Youngblood on presenting the Award to the awardees’ mayors and city councils. Jana Prock reminded us that she is the TLA Program Liaison and we should reach out to her if we need help.
  2. Review of Award Changes: Shelley Holley presented a draft of qualification updates and submission options for the Award. Further edits were proposed by the members:
  • Delete all instances of “Other” and underline “such as” in each numbered requirement
  • #5 – change to “Bilingual material and/or programs,” delete “Bilingual programming” and “Other literacy activities or materials”
  • #7 – delete “Other collaborative efforts”
  • #8 – change to “Collections, e-resouces, or classes focused on employment, resume creation, vocational training and certifications, etc.”
  • #9 – change to “Internet usage, and technology and training statistics” and delete “Econtent usage statistics”

Lisa Youngblood made a motion to accept the changes to the qualifications; Gretchen Pruett seconded. The changes were approved unanimously.

Other suggestions were to create a customizable press release for awardees’ to send out and a tips list of ways to promote with the award binder. Lisa Youngblood volunteered to create the tips list.

  1. TML Listserv or CTLS Listserve UpdateAs determined at the last meeting, a TML listserv is too expensive and asking CTLS to host a listserv would not meet TML approval. We discussed establishing a private Facebook page for TMLDA members. Kate Horan offered to find out how to set it up. Jana Prock said she will send rules from the TLA private group and said it has been a successful way to communicate.

V.   New Business

  1. Schedule TMLDA Business Meeting during TLA: Kate Horan will schedule the meeting for TLA. The new dates for TLA are April 3-6, 2018.
  2. Nomination Committee Present Slate and Elect TMLDA Officers for 2018 – Kate Horan – President and Gretchen Pruett – President Elect were welcomed. Mary Perroni will contact nominations for Secretary – Samantha Denbow and Treasurer – Olivia Griggs. A motion was made by Mary Perroni to accept the nominations; Jana Prock seconded. The nominations were unanimously approved.

VI.    Adjourn

Mary Perroni made a motion to adjourn; Gretchen Pruett seconded. All approved. The meeting was adjourned at 3:33 PM.