Texas Municipal Library Director’s Association
Meeting Minutes
Business Meeting at TLA Annual Assembly
Wednesday, July 8, 2015 – 2:30 PM
Hyatt Regency, Austin, TX

Welcome and Introductions

The meeting was called to order by President-Elect Waynette Ditto at 2:30 PM.  Members signed in and introduced themselves.  Members present were Cathy Ziegler-Plano, Jana Prock-Keller, Mary Perroni-Friendswood, Barbara Thompson-Haslet, Waynette Ditto-Hewitt, Mary Cohrs-Bellaire, Shelley Holley-Frisco, Darrell Cook-Richardson, Vicki Chiavettta-Coppell, David Thrash-Angleton, Janet Bailey-Abilene, Russell Keelin-Hillsboro, Jane Darling-Coppell, Lisa Youngblood-Harker Heights, Dawn Rapoza-McAllen and Kate Horan-McAllen.  Raquel Williams with Houston Community College attended representing the Library Support Staff Round Table.

The minutes from the April 16, 2015 meeting at TLA Annual Conference were presented.  Cathy Ziegler moved with Vicki Chiavetta seconding to accept the minutes as submitted.  The motion passed.

The financial statement had been emailed to the executive board in March.  Waynette reported that the balance was $5,139.14 through the end of May.  This does include the booth expense of $800.00.

Old Business

  1. TML Booth – September 22-25 – Mary Cohrs reported that the booth had been booked at essentially a discounted cost thanks to TML. There was discussion about the new flyer and the need to update the membership information that was recently changed.  Shelley asked that Maria provide her with language for that change.  Shelley Holley volunteered to bring trade show flyers and a 3D printer for demonstrations.  Those who have 3D printers were asked to bring examples of useful items that have been printed.  Mary Cohrs will take care of bringing the giveaways and as there will be a printer the booth will require electricity.  Mary Cohrs asked if members attending without registering for conference let her know and she will get them an exhibitor badge to work in the booth.  She will send out a schedule to sign up at specific times.  There was discussion about finding a larger screen for the slide show.  Cathy Z. will provide the existing slide show to Waynette who will update the photos.  Members were asked to send their photos to Waynette.
  2. 2015 TML Conference Program update – (1) The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Citizen Engagement through Social Media and (2) Libraries as Engines for Workforce Development. Both programs have been submitted to TML and tentatively scheduled.
  3. 2016 TLA Program Update – April 19-22 in Houston – Information on this program will be updated at the TML Conference as Sharon was not at the meeting.
  4. Update on Membership Recruitment – Due to Kerry McGeath’s efforts there have been several new memberships in the last few months.
  5. Update on revision of logo – There was discussion about the best way to achieve this with some members satisfied with the current logo and others wishing it to be updated. It was decided that prior to submitting a request to a graphic designer for a new/updated logo, a committee should decide on a criteria for the logo.  The committee will consist of Shelley Holley, Lisa Youngblood, David Thrash and Kate Horan.  For the upcoming conference it was decided to print minimal flyers in case the logo is changed.  David made a motion to spend up to $400 for the TMLDA flyer, Mary Cohrs seconded and the motion passed.
  6. TMLDA Excellence Award – The award information is on the website. There was discussion about the proposed Library of the Year award.  It was decided that there should be categories based on population.  These categories were tentatively suggested to be: (1) up to 25,000, (2) 25,000 – 100,000, and (3) Over 100,000.  Dyan Dunagan agreed to work with Shelley and Cathy on developing criteria for scoring the award.

New Business

  1. TML Board Report – Jana had attended the board meeting and received a volume on the outcomes of legislative issues. The general consensus was that this was a year of threats to local control and that while local control took some hits, it mostly survived.
  2. Discussion on TML Resolution Process – Cathy Ziegler provided the group with a copy of the proposed Legislative Platform for TMLDA. There were suggestion for minor changes to item 3 and 4.  Number 3 will now read “Support the pass through of library designated federal dollars to the State” and number 4 will be “Support a new legislative strategy to promote and strengthen broadband access across educational institutions, including public libraries.”  Shelley made a motion to accept the platform with the changes, which was seconded by Barbara Thompson.  The motion passed.
  3. Discussion on adding a listserv to the website – Jana reported that TML will host a listserv at an initial cost of $750 with an ongoing cost of $600 per year. Jana recommended that if the group does decide to have a listserv they use TML.  The item was then tabled for future discussion.
  4. Announcement of officers for 2015-2016 – Shelley Holley was elected as President-Elect, Kate Horan as Secretary and Mary Perroni as Treasurer.

Other Business & Adjournment

  1. There was no other business and no other items suggested for future agendas. The meeting was adjourned at 3:40 pm.