The Texas Municipal Library Directors Association (TMLDA) was organized in 1966 to promote the public library profession, to improve the methods of providing library service, and to maintain high standards of professional ethics.

Since its inception, TMLDA has continued to offer its members the opportunity to discuss and share ideas, interests and concerns affecting library professionals and the provision of library service.

TMLDA has been an active partner with the Texas Municipal League (TML) in the legislative process, being instrumental in the passage of the 1969 Texas Library Systems Act. TMLDA has also supported the Texas State Library and its services.

The annual TML conference offers opportunities for members of TMLDA to develop professional contacts and relationships with other city departments, which can profit from the information available in their local libraries.

TMLDA is an affiliate organization of the Texas Municipal League, which represents some 98 percent of Texas’ urban population through its member cities and towns. As partners, TML and TMLDA can harness the current information explosion and assist the 110-plus members of TML in meeting their professional needs.